2 bedroom condo for rent in Regina, SK

Why You Should Consider Renting a Condo in Regina

2 bedroom condo for rent in Regina, SKSuppose you want to live in one of the best neighbourhoods in Regina.

Unless you are making a ton of money (and kudos if you are), you likely won’t be able to afford to purchase something in the location you desire.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t find afford housing for you and your family in great areas. You should consider renting a condo in Regina.

3 Reasons to Rent a Condo in Regina

It doesn’t matter if you are single or married with children, renting a condo may be the perfect choice for your lifestyle.

Here are three reasons leasing a condo in Regina makes sense you for and your family.

1. The Market is Right to Rent a Condo in Regina

This is the perfect time to look for a rental condo in Saskatchewan, and especially Regina. Starting about five years ago, there was a push to build more rental housing, especially condominiums. As a result, the market is oversupplied with condos for rent and for sale. This is bringing down prices across the board. According to the Royal LePage House Price Survey, the cost of purchasing a condo has dropped nearly 9 percent compared to the same time in 2016.

Consider the same impact for rental properties. With the building boom over the past few years, there is a large supply of newer units with relatively similar amenities. So, costs will come down as properties compete with each other to entice tenants to rent. This is especially true with older units that might not be as updated or have the same level of amenities. You’ll be able to find incredible value on these types of condos. The bottom line – you might be able to find a place in the location of your dreams for a very reasonable price.

2. You Can Rent a Condo in Regina in the Most Popular Neighbourhoods

Due to the large number of available units, you’ll be able to pick the location where you want to be at a price that’s much cheaper than buying. If you are looking for a unit near the city centre, you’ll be able to find a condo that meets your needs. Or imagine yourself living in Northwest Regina in one of the city’s hippest neighbourhoods, surrounded by the best restaurants and activities. If you have children, you’ll be able to find a unit near great schools, parks, and recreational areas.

If city living isn’t your thing, there are also plenty of condo properties in the greater Regina area that will be perfect for you and your family’s needs.

3. Renting a Condo in Regina Gives You the Space You Need

Your growing family is too big for a suite, but you don’t need the space or hassle you’ll get with a townhouse or whole house. The perfect medium is a condo. Most properties include two or three-bedroom options. You’ll be able to have that home office, entertainment room for movies, or man cave to watch the hockey game.

Renting in a condo also means you won’t have to worry about yard work in the summer or clearing snow and ice in the winter. You’ll have more time to do the things you enjoy with your family. While this means you won’t have your own yard, most communities offer public outdoor spaces that you can use for reading, grilling, or playing with kids. Depending on your property, you might also have access to a pool, fitness area, and clubhouse.

Renting a Condo in Regina Gives You Options

Whether you are looking for a condo for rent in Northwest Regina or looking for a three-bedroom condo in the city centre, you’ll definitely have options. So, get ready to live in the neighbourhood you desire, surrounded by activities you enjoy, by renting a condo in Regina.

Ready to start your condo rental search in Regina? Then the experts at Oz Property Management are ready to speak with you! View our available condos for rent online, or call us at 306-551-2940 and let us find the rental home of your dreams.


Teresa Hall

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