various types of places to rent in regina

4 Types of Places To Rent In Regina

various types of places to rent in reginaApartments aren’t for everyone.

Whether you’re moving to the city or just ready for a change of pace, you have many other options when looking for places to rent in Regina.

And the best part, you’ll be able to find some of these other places for rent in a variety of neighbourhoods and price points that work for you.

You Have Choices When Looking for Places for Rent in Regina

Like most of the larger metropolitan areas in Canada, Regina is experiencing a renter’s market. This means the supply of rental properties is higher than the demand. According to the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, 5.5 percent of units in greater Regina are vacant. A recent boom in construction over the past few years is partially to blame for the oversupply of properties, but it’s good news for you because it means more affordable options are available.

Here are four kinds of places for rent you’ll find in greater Regina.

1. Townhouses, Condos, and Suites in Regina

Ok, we admit these options don’t seem all that unique. After all, there are townhouses, condos, and suites in every city in Canada. However, these more traditional rental options are sometimes still the best bet for people who are new to an area and still trying to determine which neighbourhoods are best for their needs.

A big positive of renting in a townhouse, condo, or suite is the amenities. Due to the surge in construction, there are a lot of available units in newer buildings. These units will likely have upgrades and access to top-notch common areas like pools and fitness areas that can be used by you and your family.

2. Cabins, Cottages, or Houses for Rent in Regina

When you think of cabin or cottage rentals, you probably think of vacation properties up near Last Mountain Lake. And while it’s true there are many homes like this for rent during the summer around greater Regina and Saskatchewan, there’s no reason you can’t make a property like this your year-round home.

Cabins or cottages would be located further away from the city centre, so if you enjoy spending your evenings downtown, it might not be the best choice for you. But you might be able to find home rentals closer to the city. You’ll pay more for this option though – the average three-bedroom house costs $1,725 to rent in Regina this year.

3. Rooms for Rent in Regina

If you are flying solo and looking for something cheap, consider renting a room. Homeowners with extra space or tenants looking for a roommate will often advertise for renters. This might be a great way to get into a pricey neighbourhood without breaking the bank. However, you’ll need to be alright with sharing – in most cases your only private area will be your room. The kitchen, laundry room, and possibly even bathroom will be common spaces. If this is the option for you, make sure you are comfortable with the person or people you’ll be living with because you’ll be seeing them quite a bit.

4. Campsites or Land for Rent in Regina

Another option that’s best for singles or people who just want to rough it. It doesn’t matter if you own an RV or are just living out of a tent and backpack, there are a handful of camping sites near Regina. Most of these sites will have bathing facilities and electrical hook ups. You could also rent space from landowners willing to let you set up camp on their private properties. While camping might not be ideal for long-term residents, this is a viable option if you like a simple life or are only in town for a short time. Just remember, camping is not allowed in any of the public neighbourhood parks in Regina.

You Have Choices When Looking for Places for Rent in Regina

Your living situation can be as unique as you make it. Just consider the location, amenities, and price range that’s important to you, and you’ll be able to find something in Regina that will meet your needs.

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