types of suites for rent in regina

Living the Suite Life: 3 Types of Suites Available to Rent in Regina

types of suites for rent in regina

A real example of a Regina basement suite

Apartment hunting in Regina?

You’ve picked the right time.

Regina – along with most of the larger metropolitan areas in Canada – is experiencing a renter’s market. That means there are more units available than tenants to fill them.

In fact, the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation found 5.5 percent of the rental properties in the city in 2016 were vacant. Compare that to 2013 when only 1.8 percent were available. As a result, you will have a lot more options when searching for your apartment, especially if you’re looking to rent a suite in Regina.

What Kinds of Suites You’ll Find to Rent in Regina

Suites are ideal for first-time renters or tenants without much furniture. These spaces are generally small, but the suites you can find varies greatly depending on your neighbourhood and type of housing you desire.

Here are three of the most common options of suites you’ll find available to rent in Regina.

1. Bachelor Suites for Rent in Regina

As the name suggests, these suites are perfect for single guys (or gals) looking for a small and economical home in the city. The bachelor suites for rent in Regina are often studio or one bedroom units, but if you’re lucky you can find spaces with two bedrooms. Over the past year, rent for these apartments is averaging less than $1,000. Bachelor suites are commonly located near the centre of cities, and Regina is no exception. Renters will find a decent number of available units close to some of the city’s most popular attractions and neighbourhoods.

One of the major positives of a bachelor suite for younger renters is the smaller space means less furniture is needed, which will cut down on your costs. However, this may be a drawback for you if you are looking to accumulate more possessions or start a family. In that case, you might be better suited for a condo or townhouse.

2. Executive Suites for Rent in Regina

A more upscale option, executive suites are the ideal choice for a businessperson new to the area, or who may live in another city but travels to Regina often. These units often come furnished and are available for short term leases. In some cases, companies will pay to house new employees in these units while they are searching for more permanent options in the city.

Executive suites can be found both in the city centre and outlying areas. Often times these types of apartments are located closer to commercial developments and office parks so they are convenient to employees who might be living there.

3. Basement Suites for Rent in Regina

Basement suites are becoming a more popular rental option in Regina. Homeowners will rent out their basement areas to tenants, while they often continue to live upstairs. Rent is determined by the homeowner, so you might find a variety of pricing points within a single neighbourhood. The quality of your unit will also vary from home to home.

In some cases, units will share common areas with the main house. For instance, you might be sharing a laundry room with the homeowners. Shared spaces should be disclosed in the rental agreement.

Get Ready to Live the Suite Life

Whether you are looking for a bachelor suite to rent in downtown Regina, or a basement suite in the suburbs, you’ll have plenty of options. Simply consider the location and features that are most important to you. In today’s market, it won’t take long to find the suite that’s perfect for you.

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